Modern fishing

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When it comes to fishing, the region of South Africa seems to be just fine. It is a very developed part of the world, maybe even one of the best ones. Sea fishing and coastal fishing seem to be something that a lot of money is invested in by the countries that are located there.


      It looks like fishing there makes a lot of problems and all of them are actually connected to climate changes. But also pirates and the world’s economy make problems too. People made some steps to improve fishing and to make sure that the productivity will increase in the future. One of the most important and key questions is about creating an industry of fishing that will be good and sustainable there. It is very important to have quality and good fish products because those products will be exported to the whole world. Because of this, South Africa government invested about 91 million Singapore dollars in this industry. Using this money, they will improve the production, but also they have done many things to improve different fishing societies.

 GP04K9P_press1   A society like it is Indian Ocean Tuna Commission will have to make fish only from that part of the world, and some of the main trade organizations are included in this business. Meanwhile, East Africa is not so successful when it comes to fishing. It seems like they are having a lot of problems there. Starting with climate changes that are making steps back in fishing and because of that and solving this problem, there was a program invested in. It was the improvement program of the climate in general invested by the World Bank. This program should have a very positive result on this part of the world and in this way it should pave the way for all the other investitures.

     But, that is not all. There is another problem there. It is meeting460-somalia_979174c with the piracy that this region is facing. It is very hard to solve this big problem. Illegal problems of the fishing and piracy seem to be something that people are spending money on. And it looks like it is a bit more than 118 million dollars. Currently, this is becoming a worldwide problem.  Fish production has fallen many times over the last years. Especially when we’re talking about the coast of Somalia and people there is attacked by pirates all the time. The trade there is not safe anymore. The industry here is obviously falling down as you can see. More and more problems are showing and they are ruining any chance for making some different investments here. Something that needs to be invested in is definitely the equipment. But, it is not just that.


    There are many things that need to be done and improved. Fishing villages by the coast are created and it seems to be a very good and effective fighting way with illegal trade and fishing. So, we can obviously say that fishing is improving. But, at the other hand, there is less and less fish in the sea and it is a huge threat to all sea world and fishing industry.

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Fish with sustainable methods and protect the sea habitats

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      Sustainable fishing is an important subject that is largely avoided by media and government. The main obstacle on the path of sustainable fishing is the money, and money makes the world go around.

    $(KGrHqZ,!r!FEz9G5l1EBRfZo+k1FQ~~60_12Sustainable fishing can feed all the people in the world as the same amount of fish can be taken out of the water in this way as it is done through unsustainable fishing. But the issue is money, or to be exact, how much money the catch brings in. Both types of catching fish are profitable, but more money is earned through unsustainable fishing methods as they do not care about bycatch or about the damage they do to the sea and its floor.

    There are several fishing methods that protect the fish habitat, and they reduce or neutralize the bycatch. Some methods are truly sustainable while there are some that can be a responsible way of catching fish if they are used in the right places.

–    Many consider pole catching (also known as hook and lining) as a form of sport only, but it is the purest form of fishing. If a fisherman catches a fish that is too small or something else he can return that fish to the water without any damage.

–    Traps are a very sustainable form of catching marine animals. There are several trap types and none of them hurt the environment, and bycatch is easily released if there is any. But in most cases the trap is designed for a specific animal and the chance of getting bycatch is very small.

–    Trolling is a form of hook and lining method of which there are several lines being placed in the water behind a boat, and each of them has several hooks. Any bycatch that is hooked on the lines is released once the lines are pulled on the boat and there is no damage to either marine animals or sea environment.

–    Harpooning is one of the toughest forms of fishing, and it is 100$ sustainable as the fish that is hunted is picked by the harpooner. There are people that use guns to fire barbed harpoons and then there are those that rely on their hands to throw the harpoons.


–     Gillnetting is one of the methods of catching fish that is responsible in some cases and quite sea life damaging in another. Gillnetting is done by hanging a curtain of nets that have openings in which fish get stuck. If it is used in the sea, it has a lot of bycatch in the form of dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine animals. But gillnetting is a method of catching salmon on Alaska that is quite sustainable as there isn’t a lot of bycatch in those waters.

    There are many other methods of fishing, but the majority of them are damaging to the fish habitat. But even with only small alterations in the fishing, those methods would cause less damage, and that would be a step forward.


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Best directions for becoming a master fisherman

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Being a fisherman is one very interesting profession, but have you ever asked yourself how to become one? Well, there are some great steps which you can follow that aren’t connected to the rod selection or bait picking, etc. Let’s check out some of the great steps in becoming a good fisherman.

    First of all, you need to start “at small scale”. Get to some pond, rivers, lakes and stream which are familiar to you and of course where you know that there are fish. Here you can learn to master angling, connecting reel to a rod, various rods, and setups, catching your first fish. Practice is important in fishing.

    Of course, you will need someone to give you some basics steps when you are approaching fishing. It can be somebody who is relatively familiarized with fishing. This is why is quite useful for you to join some fishing club. Here you will be able to share some info and experiences about fishing.

    The theory is half of mastering fishing. After you learn to create your setups, you need to know which fish you will catch with it. Despite these species of fish, you need to place the correct lures and baits for right fish which is completely in theory so sit and learn.

    As your fishing makes its progress, you can ask for a few friends to get on with you and you can go fishing together. This is good because it will boost your morale to continue fishing and on the other hand will give you much more skill with fish. Proving yourself in public can be achieved through tournaments. Here you can meet up with all sorts of interesting fisherman which are fishing on larger lakes or at sea. With them, you can learn to catch larger sorts of fish.

fishing-453296_960_720  You will need to get an endorsement by winning tournaments which will make you an important figure in this world. Stores for fisherman gadgets will give you equipment and various stuff which every fisherman needs, just for making advertisements of them on the tournaments.  In this way, fishing is like some sport where you can get your sponsor. If you achieve this, then it can be said that you are a professional fisherman.

    Fishing is one of the best hobbies which a man can have and why shouldn’t it become more serious. Well, it all depends on you. Fishing is also a good profession in which you can make a living. You can become superb and then you can set sails for high and far seas in the search of salmon, crabs, etc. It can make you a rich person, but it is also very dangerous. Fishing can be very enjoyable sometimes but in some moments, you may get seriously injured when a hook grapples on your neck. Learn to catch fish properly and fishing will become an exciting hobby for you.

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How to be a good fisherman?

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One of the best things which you can do with your family and friends is fishing. You can even make a living by catching some extraordinary fish sorts, but most people are catching fish that they will later eat, and thus they do not struggle to get some particular fish. First of all, we will check some of the basic instruments which you will need to get your fish in a proper way.

    First of all, let’s check out the gear which every fisherman needs. Well, the thing without you couldn’t catch fish is the fishing setup. Fishing setup isFig-6-Saltwater-Float-Rig constructed out of the fishing rod and a fishing reel. The fishing rod is a rod; everybody knows what a fishing rod is. The fishing rod is some fisherman stick, and it is constructed from three main parts: tip, the butt of the rod and handle. These are the three main construction parts, and other are simply gadgets for every rood such as hook keeper, butt cap, butt guide, guide, etc.

    The next important thing in forming a setup is a fishing reel. Fishing reels can be Spincast, Baitcasting, and  id-80-4Spinning. Spincast is the easiest reel to use, and it is mostly made for children. It is a classic reel, and you can get a good grip on it, but you are sacrificing some of the accuracy and distance. Baitcasting is the most difficult reel to use. You need to keep an eye on the spool almost always. It is one of the hardest reels but also one which gives you the best accuracy of them all. The spinning reel is the most popular reel. It is somehow the combination of these two because it is easier to use than the baitcasting reel and it gives you better accuracy when compared to the Spincast reel.

    To complete your fishing setup, you will need to find right bait or hook. It depends on what you are fishing for.minnow-bait-b After that, you can get to your first fishing session. I need to mention that fishing baits can be live baits or some already prepared baits. Once you had a hook, then you are ready to place baits on the hooks. Most popular baits which are placed on the hooks are salmon eggs. When it comes to live baits, then worms are probably the most attractive solution. You can purchase your worms, or you can go somewhere after rain and try to catch them. This is probably the cheaper solution. Other interesting solutions for live bait are Maggots, Hoppers, Minnows, etc.

    Once you are completely ready, then you can go to a pond or some river, or even a sea and you can start fishing. After you have created your gear and dress proper outfit, next thing is to find fish. The best way to do this is after the rain. Nonetheless, fishing is an excellent hobby which demands a lot of patience. There are many people who are making money out of fishing, and they are always searching for bigger and bigger fish.

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Sustainable approach to modern fishing

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One of the most developed parts of the world when it comes to fishing is the region of South Africa. Countries which are located there invest large sums of money into coastal fishing and in the sea fishing. This is because there are many problems when it comes to fishing here and they are connected to the world’s economy, pirates and climate changes. Some package of steps is taken to improve fishing and increase its productivity in the years to come.

pole-and-line-fishingAn effort to create a good and sustainable fishing industry in this part of the world is one major key questions of these countries’ economies. They are exporting fish to the world and they need to have a good and quality fish production. In order to create a reliable fishing industry, the government of South Africa invested around S$ 91 million in the fishing industry. With this money, the production will be improved but also, a lot of things has been done to improve the relation of various fishing organizations. Organizations like Indian Ocean Tuna Commission will have a task to make a fish from this part of the world acknowledged when it comes to standards. There are some key trade organizations also involved in this business.


Fishing in the region of East Africa have lots of problems. First of all, climate changes are making a great step back when it comes to fishing. IN order to solve this problem, the world bank decided to invest in the general climate improvement program which would have a positive result on this part of the world and thus pave the way for other investitures.

Another problem which these people encounter with is piracy in this regions. Piracy is a big problem and it is hard to solve it. It is a common belief that people are spending around $118 million to piracy and illegal fishing problems. This problem is currently becoming a worldwide and fish production has fallen over the years three times. Especially at the coast of Somalia people are under constant attack by pirates and the trade isn’t safe anymore. Boats have to own some sea escort to fight the pirates effectively.

This was a great way to make various investments over the years but as more and more problems show itself you can understand that this industry here is in decline. Beside that there is more and more thing to do and yet there are many things to improve. Especially investment in the equipment is required.

At least we can say that something is being done to this way of fishing and it is improving it in every way. These methods of creating fishing villages along the coast are somehow the most effective way of fighting illegal trade and illegal fishing. Aside from that fish number is lowering itself constantly which is a threat to all sea world and the normal food chain and not just for the normal fishing industry.


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